Friday, September 28, 2012

The Gallery

Form says form and means form, As such, form is an admission and a grace.

Rhyme has been solved by certain artists, for whom for instance, "like" and "sake" are perfect.

I was in thought when nothing stopped. Everything was me saying no, but now was me hoping now, if belief is hope. But listen to how lazy I am. I invent examples and I do no research into other texts.

I do no research, I do not link. No pictures. My insight is, it sometimes appears, the insight of no insight. Do not expect me to blame myself. I have a kind of routine, a green surface. I touch at cards. I am at an age and see opportunity as circular, or recursive. Less turn than blend. Not so much blend as step upon step. Fewer steps.

More in the way of a gallery.

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