Tuesday, September 4, 2012

More of This One

This new MS will have 40 poems I think, alternating 4-line strophe bocks and unitary boxes. It puts me in mind of a venetian shade, shut, open, shut. Or a winking eye.

The above comments represent the deepest auto-textual-criticism I have offered in years, and it is representative I believe of the best I am capable of. Well, no sense in apologizing. I am a busy man. Even so, I have in mind putting in a paragraph about-the-book at the end of this book. If I wanted to I could revise all the books to put in comments. Or I could post them to my author's page on lulu.com. Neither of these ideas interest me at all, now that I have written them down.

How I love abandoning grand ideas and projects. What a gift of time to oneself, to say no thanks, not interested, with respect to one's own ideas. Or, another favorite is to plan to go into work early, or on a holiday, then blow it off. Delight be mine!

Here is the drawing/panting for the new MS, called Colossal Ways You Were Right. This will be the fourth book I have finished and produced within an 11 or 12 month period, my 20th to date, so I am feeling excited and funny about things, not worrying, perhaps even clear-eyed and apt.

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