Thursday, July 12, 2012

To a Person or perhaps a Book

You were alive at all the right moments, so that form was a kind of gambit, a bit of sculpture passed back and forth between friends.

If I place myself near you, imagined, I take for myself a kind of liberty. I impose myself in stating what I am inclined to imagine as real, or representative. I write poems like a flower dropping heavily on another flower, or the skid of plastic garbage cans. One night I sat unsure whether to go out and called myself a saint for the facts of the time in considering indecision.

Good for life. Good for words for life like raspberry sherbet.

     fortune/misfortune, a tower a mess - a volume shimmers into view
     you take it as a choice when you have other choices to move on to

Representative. It sounds like work. It is work for the mind and the tongue. It's a word that boasts such promise to start, but by the end I'm all worn out with where to stick it. I mean, so that I or another might know how to retrieve it. That sort of legacy, or sharing.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mail Art, Ho!

I joined IUOMA a few days ago (International Union of Mail Artists) based on possible interest but more on general liking of Ruud Janssen and Litsa Spathi. I received email confirmation of having joined and with a few days an email from a fellow in Brazil who wants to exchange, and real live art mail items (an art photo card) from Douglas Galloway in Cherry Valley, CA and more notably a piece of work from Connie Jean in Titusville, FL rife with ink stamps and labels and whatnot. Titus was as you know the god of truth for the ancient Assyrians. the modern Assyrians worship the god of the French township, or ville. Thus, Titusville.

You can see I am trying. The onus is on me to produce, and produce I will. I got me some sharpies, plain small envelopes, and plain note cards. I will do a bit of doodle on a card and slip it into an envelope also upon doodled which, then off it goes to Connie Jean. And another to the Brazilian.

I will set up a folder of photos on Facebook entitled IUOMA - Coming and Going where I will post. I think this is right and proper. I didn't quite ask for this but I like the challenge of seeing what I can make of it, by way of fleshing things out. My first thought was to draw dinosaurs as conventional mail is tending toward dead, but now I have colors and shapes and my son's stamps to work with. Seems to me that there are worst places for a 53 year old white male to find himself then the crafts aisle of Walgreen's.

If you want something shoot me your mailing address. I understand it is somewhat incumbent upon the receiver to give, so it's on your head if you ask, to then provide. Me, I just work here.