About Me and This Blog

Initially, or as an introduction, the term Concrete Formalist Poetry describes the poetry I write and provides context for the specific form I write in, which others call a block form, but which I choose to call a box form, which uses any one of the type fonts where the number of characters in the first line is repeated throughout the poem, and which may be separable in strophes, to form a single or multiple block (or box) shapes. Simply stated, I work in form and am therefore a formalist; I happen to work in only one form; that form has strong visual markers, and is therefore "concrete." This blog also addresses concrete formalism as I perceive it in formal and informal pictorial or visual work and signature events, whether in my work or others' such as I am privileged to know. I host a Concrete Formalist Group page in FaceBook, which anyone is free to join. I have a more specifically Concrete Formalist website, at http://sites.google.com/site/concreteformalistpoetry/. You may view or purchase my books via the link to my Lulu.com storefront, available through this blog.

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