Thursday, December 10, 2015

Not the What but the Here; not the Here so much as You


Poetry Poetry

Poem Poem Poetry

Poetry Poem Poem


No concern that one will be misinterpreted or used for evil purposes, poetry is the feeling that is called poetry, as a beauty pageant queen is the feeling of the contest that made her queen.

The feeling can be put into words, which is always encouraging for a writer.

The written word is to poetry what the bouquet of roses is to the beauty queen.


Like Kant (that Kant) I work best in public, either writing or talking, in a cafe setting, which in this time is represented not by the fussy life-style spaces coffee shops have become, but by the dive bar, where humanity circulates in an unvarnished state. I write best with background movement and noise. I think better, and speak more intelligently, when in company I cannot account for. I like people as they are, without filters or preconditions, because when I write I hope to put on paper unfiltered feelings, ideas, images, and such constructions or works as we call poetry.

Poetry. What is it? I am sorry to say, it is what gets done today and what, once accomplished, prompts refusals and good mistakes.

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