Saturday, August 29, 2015

This Guy Likes the Visual Arts

The day is just long enough to contain the typical narratives of a man's life without boring him to death. And that is why I like the visual arts.

On a day like this Saturday, the first fall rain having touched us, the quiet, it is apparent how much time I spend getting from Point A to Point B. And, as much as I appreciate Point B and everything it has given me, I know there is more going on, things which naturally escape or are not a part of my typical day's travel.

I would never put aside my life, my travels, but along the way I am prompted by some interior need, perhaps conscience, to look sideways out at the landscape passing by. At poetry and art, at the lives of people whose names I will never know.

I like the visual arts - paintings, visual poetry - the way I like people. Without knowing their name, I am affected. I do not look to profit by anyone or anything I have not committed to with my own time. But I can appreciate, and perhaps that is the purest, richest reward.

Stop to consider the implications. Are you appreciated by someone who does not know you, or in ways of which you are unaware? This is a strong point of religion, Christianity in particular, that God knows and loves you. But the point I want to make is more socially grounded - but, again, without making too strong a point.

We are fond of arranging our influences, but I am convinced that no one can be sure of how or why they turned out as they have. A teacher, a parent or family member, a religious instructor, a favorite athlete or musician, a loved pet, a president, etc. All these persons have a bearing, they emerge from the landscape bidden and unbidden to exercise influence and control. Then there are the books, paintings, movies, musical albums, travels, etc.

In brief, even as one travels from Point A to Point B, that very effort likely forms a part of any number of other person;s personal landscapes. You may consider yourself a self-determining creature, but to be sure, friends, family, and strangers have only to glance sideways along their own travels to see you in your flight.

And that is why I like the visual arts.

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