Saturday, April 4, 2015

Little Town of Art Okay

Are you new to art? Well, you should be. There's not much point in being old to art. Art wouldn't look at you twice and as to others - human beings, and such - there not much else to look at.

I might be skeptical art, as I am skeptical of artists - what makes them tick - which is largely a function of desire; for I am chock full of desires myself. And they are comfortable desires, so that I lack nothing in the way of wanting and am not in a rush to resolve what I have.

I accept you, life. I have no complaints. You give us all a chance, more or less. You fall like rain, pretty much. My efforts - if you can call them that - are not at getting more rain, or more consistent rain. They are at getting behind the rain, and staying there, so that (in practical terms) I might have something more to share with all of you besides talk of rain, its pros and cons, and what it did to me last week - or was it the week before?

When I say "practical" I do not mean to dismiss practical things as being merely practical. The practical is the fact of God in relation to all. Love is, practically speaking, all that matters.

So we will be practical with art as we are with traffic lights and candy treats. Nothing can stop us forever, not when we make up our minds.

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