Friday, January 2, 2015

Method Contention: One

I will be be trading getting older for nothing else anytime soon, so let's not pretend I have a choice. We will observe that the thing is so. We look to beginnings. Being a good student and failing too. Falling apart a bit. Continuing to work. Making a habit of it. Making the habit healthy.

Finding returns in what is there and calling them that. If this is what it is (one thought) then what is there for a return is just as true.

So, despite dispersion theories - or theory aimed at dispersing "logic" as a received particular - there is a kind of logic. What is logic. It is what we arrive at, having lived. to try and explain how.

The logic of clear eye, unimpeded by assumptions, not because one has argued to that point but because you have nothing to lose in recognizing that life plays out.

How marvelous.

The sound, the light, of life playing out without categorical imperatives to govern how one takes it.

Oh, to be a rock or leaf planted in the middle of Any Town square, subject to the abuse/truth of life played out as it is and lacking perfect editorial control.

How you take it. What is tough. Take it and ask for more.

Work, and work, that you say, I have nothing to fear. What would I fear?

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