Sunday, August 10, 2014

New is Truth - True is Love

I seem to be seeing more (or less) form more (and sometimes fewer) people I know, on terms of production of art, and children, or lifetime contracts - or job commitments, etc. lately. This includes children and the elderly, democrats, republicans, and everyone beyond.  

I am quite sure that there was a lot of talk not too long ago about the universality of knowledge and art, being expression and the expressed, of the here of now, especially of the under-represented, and the role of the over-represented to shut the fuck up. Well, I like all that. And I think we are in a form of Golden Age of such. I really do. I feel bashful to be happy in art, but what you all are doing is just so interesting and fine. You can;t swing a dead cat in the digital world without striking the clean, observant, daring, apt. I really never thought I would see this - or, perhaps it is better to say that I am grateful that I have the wherewithal to perceive it in the first place.

Is art always great? I really don't think so. But maybe I have somehow placed myself to be among people who do great things. How. Well, it's you, not me.

This is what we have in the present age, due largely to the social network, is how persons quite well-known and remarkable in themselves present their work virtually universally, and the work of others, so that good things are present immediately either as primary or secondary texts. The pond freshens and refreshes, constantly, from established or new sources.

Or I may know nothing and simply being feeling something. I am fortunate to have my work that runs in and out of my life. I have lost the flavor or knack of judgement. We run hard, you and I, and if we love each other well we will not be counted a loss. Not now, not ever. Never.

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