Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Form is Marriage for all

Form is the formal knight, dressed in the white of a blank page

Form the span between the tomorrow of plans and appointments and what tomorrow brings

Form is the arch of category rainbows, a situational span above the ark of inherited forms

To assemble forms under the direction of all that is

The name, form, where the sound, form, invokes love of form

Form the matter not the measure

To assemble and discern after the assembly

Form what happens all the time, while getting dressed, or between relationships

A middling terror. A hop, skip, and jump

Form is the discussion that led us to form as the conversation regarding form

A looping effect, like a rope tossed, twisting on the ground

A shape

A sphere

Form is the concern that distills time to such a point that people take their share

Directing traffic, at the center and apart

A curtain of no substance hanging loose across a bedroom window

Emily Dickenson turns in the gate

Form is never second-rate

A variety of of bodily gestures and moves and symbols that lead to form

Not the first or the last. Never the first, or the last.

A statement released to support other statements while indicating recent events

Not people, or things, but what things dream of people

A personal history, if that person is Caesar

Twice the work and three times the hardware

Form is the lawn before and after it is cut, from a certain perspective, today, for instance

Tiki torches, and the ladies who surround them

The moon, when the moon is what we think, with concern

What gentlemen do, when they are gentlemen

What people do because they are people

Form is the shadow cast by form upon the object of our making

Form is the mirror we push form to to look upon itself

A draft of a speech, the speech, and all manner of murmuring

A triumph of tendency over fact


Marriage of one

Marriage for all

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