Saturday, March 2, 2013

Form in Love with Time

Exist in form and beware form. Form will not desert you. You will in a sense be equipped. And being equipped you will lose fear. And losing fear, you will lose reference points. And losing reference points, you will lose conversation. And losing conversation, you will lose relevance. And losing relevance, you may lose yourself.

And losing yourself, you may look about. And looking about, without relevance, without conversation, without reference points, and without fear, you may find love. You may find the divine. You may have no choice, for you exist in form. And one who exists in form as clearly trusts form.

And God is form in that, as God is God, form is form. Form is not form as God is God. No, the reverse is true.

Let's put it this way. Let me put it this way. Time and all it entails leads us to this one furthest point where you always have a choice. Beware form, as all your expectations are false, your suspicions correct, and your future, very possibly, perfect.

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