Thursday, June 7, 2012

Next Talk Pope Notes

Alright so I think I've got the breakthrough I needed for this next book/sheaf/squander of poems. The titling idea I see now though was a kick-start investment and has no lasting purchase. Just now I have no room for titles. They seem perfectly showy and useless. As a point of reference - who refers to me as it is? No, I like a clean look and a self-revealing text so no hand-pointing or "framing" is necessary at the moment.

A thought today was, What would I do if I were Pope? Before I lose my interest in what I might say, here it is.
  • All marriages are blessed regardless of sexual orientation.
  • Mass is required twice a week, not once. Get out and celebrate, people.
  • Confession (or "reconciliation") is required twice a month. That's every two weeks. Not the current once-a-year cycle. I don't know what they were thinking on that one.
  • While we're at it, as the earthly church is imperfect it will be required to offer its own confession - okay, once a year. To kick off Lent the Vatican will make public its sins. I would announce these in ebony raiment flecked with gold.
  • .....
I could go on, and perhaps in another time I would have. But who cares. This is me, not you, and definitely not the other guy. Maybe this is what happens when you outgrow yourself. Figuring that out doesn't matter much either; it would just lead to another sort of title, wouldn't it.

I do know it's wonderful.

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