Saturday, May 5, 2012

Title for Title

I guess Farms Go Faster is done. The longish poem about the two women who live above a laundromat tied it all together; as indeed any two women living above a laundromat can be said to tie it all together, in a manner of speaking.

I had assembled the other poems to about 28 pages. I expected this poem to take up some slack and provide the last bit of weight, then over the next month or two write individual poems to finish the MS. So, ten minutes ago, I'm leafing through the MS not know what to do next; then I read it slowly with the new poem in place and it simply clicks into place. It has some people, some nature, a bit of religion, and some thought. It's a book of poems. As with the last book, I won't provide titles for the poems or a table of contents. I just don't think that way now. Farms Go Faster will come out at about 36 pages, which is fine for a book of poems. I mean, let's be honest, it shouldn't take more than a dozen pages to get one's point across.

What about these two women though? I think, really, I wanted the opportunity to inhabit the lives of two people in love in a city living in that love and in themselves. In that sense writing the poem was a form of privilege. There is so much consternation out there about gay marriage - but this is about more than that. The poem is really about the author and his/her desires and ambitions. Choices are made unconsciously or not; something is addressed, "satisfied." I care about these two women who live above a laundromat. I will miss them.

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