Monday, March 5, 2012

Covering Attentions & Thrift by Sound

A feeling of settlement. Trust in the perimeters, what I have built and natural limitations. Interest, energy, resources, desire - the characters that make up a cohort.

The daily routine leading to productions. Review, discussion, plans, building. A person of importance is visiting next week - or a special event. Put away the tools, cover the workings.

The surprise is continuing, today. Friends like bird song for the peace and kind attentions governed by their silence.

Monuments in small ways, or markings. To be gathered for a fire or incorporated into other, larger works. To be used and reused. Or as implements for fracture; set on an end , they serve as shovels.

A shower curtain, a lawn chair. A stand-in friend for a man or a woman, a child, seasoned by spirits.

At the outside is dawn and rattling cans. Feet into socks into shoes into the day. The snap of a flag in a sharp, unpredictable wind.

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