Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Will Get Around To You Eventually

I want to write more poems so that I can publish more books. I want to publish more books because it allows me to think about and write more poems. Sooner or later I will die and who knows what that will lead to.

Speaking of poems, I have 43 drafted Fictions but have slowed down to where I wonder why I have slowed down. Ideas are occurring to me - never a good indicator - ideas of variations and different forms to interpose with the Fictions. Ideas though are the lazy man's way out. Anyone can come up with an idea. It's takes something special to do the same thing over and over again. Yessir!

That's out of the way. The process indicates a slowing then visualizing a form of the completed work. It may be some of this or some of that. I will bet you a dollar that I end up with the book I first intended, being 87 Fictions. I would have to write I think about 50 to 60 more to end up there though. Factor in that I can't live in this project more than another six months. Tops. I live in a point/counter-point universe, and too much of even a good thing can be bothersome.

That brings me to you.

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