Sunday, July 19, 2009


I try to be reasonable in my expectations, but I do not recommend being reasonable. I support reasonableness, and I avoid unkindness, and I think much can be made of the reasonable life. What supports reason is nothing different from what sponsors unreason, which is desire, in one or more forms. While unkindness is a reaction to frustration of desire, unreasonableness is an expression of desire. So, too is reasonable an expression, but it often partakes too much of the context for desire.

I like my desire whole cloth, as I am sure you do too. Where better to view the effects of desire than in unreasonableness. I am no pioneer in asserting this proposition. Consider the surrealists, dadaists, confessionalists, who seek to bypass the complex estates of reason for the pure waters at the fountainhead of the unconscious (and I will let that metaphor stand). I though do not mean to align myself with anything like a system of poetry or belief. I simply want to support unreasonableness, even as I work toward reasonableness in myself.

And it is work, I assure you. Though I believe something like this occurs, where one achieves one's goals in reasonableness and can then return to unreasonableness. I am skeptical though of the facility of my unreason, I must say. Given the work I have put in to become more reasonable, it is a sort of equal labor to return to unreason. Work of a different sort, a work of forgetting, or stumblng with eyes wide open.

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